Mission on Sweetness

We Bring Local and Seasonal Ingredients To Your Sweet Tooth

RareSweets® is a leading DC-based dessert company that is reinterpreting many of America's heirloom baking recipes. We are modernizing cakes and desserts that may have been forgotten in today's world of instant and easy. We bring new life to forgotten flavors, and add seasonality to tried and true baked goods. We believe that cakes and dessert should be full of rich flavors and textures, and impart taste that isn’t just sweet or one dimensional. Our menu changes with the seasons and highlights fruits, herbs, and other flavors as the months change. Many of our ingredients and products, from lavender to rhubarb, peaches to pears will be sourced from local farms and artisan purveyors as much as possible. As a small and growing food business, we enjoy supporting other like-minded individuals and businesses.

With Pastry Chef Meredith Tomason's innovative and passionate approach to all things sweet, our menu stretches way beyond the “vanilla.” From re-interpreting heritage cake recipes for a modern palate, to adding an element of seasonality to a familiar flavor of ice cream, our desserts are anything but ordinary. While we know that classic flavors are hard to beat, we also know that introducing our customers to cakes and ice creams with seasonal and innovative flavor combinations is something we love to do. We do the classics and we do them well. But we also have so much more we want to share with you. With our ever-rotating RareSweets menu, we promise to bring the best of the season to you and your sweet tooth, one local ingredient at a time.