1. What kind of ingredients do we use?

    RareSweets® prides itself on using the finest and freshest ingredients available. As a seasonally inspired bakery, we try to source as much of our produce from local farms and purveyors as possible. We use the highest quality butter, chocolates, milk, and eggs. We do not use any artificial ingredients, or stabilizers in our products.

  2. Does RareSweets deliver?

    Yes, we provide delivery in a number of ways. Items listed in our Bakeshop Menu can be delivered to your door in the metro DC area through our partnership with Postmates. Special orders for parties, events, wedding cakes, etc can also be delivered. Please call us for details.

  3. How many servings do your cakes provide?

    6 Inch >>> Serves up to 8

    8 Inch >>> Serves up to 12

    9 Inch >>> Serves up to 16

  4. Does RareSweets offer any gluten-free, sugar free or vegan products?

    We currently offer delicious macaroons which are gluten free. We also offer gluten free cake options for custom orders. We do not offer sugar free, eggless, dairy free or vegan products.

  5. Do you use nuts in your products?

    Yes, we enjoy using nuts in many of our baked goods. We do have nuts on premises, so please be aware of this if you have an allergy.

  6. How often do you bake your products?

    All of our products are baked on premises daily.

  7. Are RareSweets products Kosher?

    They are not at this time.

  8. How long have you been open?

    In 2013, RareSweets was founded out of Union Kitchen by our founder and pastry chef Meredith Tomason. We opened our doors at our current location at CityCenterDC on December 15th, 2014

  9. Is your CityCenterDC location the only one?

    Yes, at this time, this is our only location.

  10. Do you offer lunch?

    We plan to offer a few lunch options in the near future, so please stay tuned!

  11. Do you have seating in your bakery?

    We have limited seating inside our bakeshop, and we also offer outdoor seating during the warmer months of the year.

  12. Do you hold private events/parties at your shop?

    Yes, we love to host private events and parties at our bakeshop.  The space is both functional and intimate and is ideal for small gatherings.  Please call us to inquire.

  13. Do you offer baking classes?

    We plan to do so in the near future. Please stay tuned.

  14. Do you make wedding cakes?

    Yes, please call us to chat about your wedding cake needs.