'Tis the Season!

December, 2015

Hello Sweet Fans!                                                                  

 It’s hard to believe it’s December already, and almost our one year anniversary at RareSweets. Last year this time, our team was diligently working to get our recipes and methods perfected for opening day. It was certainly an exciting time for us, and certainly one we plan on celebrating, so stay tuned!

While our team was working towards opening day last year, they were also getting into the holiday spirit. We are truly looking forward to sharing some of our favorite treats with you this holiday season. For me, the winter holidays are all about family memories and traditions; but many of these involve sensory memories as well. The smell of our Christmas Day Roast, the crackling of a fire, the pop of the Christmas poppers that we would always open at Christmas Eve dinner. Even the dripping hot wax that would inevitably fall onto our hands as we held candles at midnight mass on Christmas Eve, all of these are dear memories that I hold in my heart and feel that the holidays would not be complete without them.


 Obviously, food plays a huge part in our holiday traditions as well. When I was tiny, we would spend many Christmas days with my father’s side of the family. This day involved many a competing lasagna, lots of pinched cheeks, and a cake with 100 eggs in it that was made for my Aunt, who’s birthday it was on Christmas. I never understood why the cake needed 100 eggs, other than it needed to serve close to 75 people and was bright yellow, but that still did not explain it! That family secret will just have to remain a mystery!

Also during my childhood, we spent a number of years living in London, England. Many of our family traditions took a British turn during that time. Our Christmas roast beef turned to goose. Our chocolate cake and pies turned to sticky toffee pudding and trifles. These days, our traditions are a nice mix of the many periods of our family holidays. I like the fact that we do this, as it’s a fun way to remember moments in time. Food is truly a sense memory for me, and it's certainly one of the reason’s why I opened RareSweets. I love being able to share my memories with our customers, and have them start their own traditions with our treats. Over are the days of my older sister and I putting way too much icing on our gingerbread houses and getting a belly ache from all of the candy that would end up in our tummies instead of the gingerbread house itself. But the sentiment, and the fun that this season brings remains the same. 

This holiday season please let us help you create wonderful memories of your own. Our cookies and cakes all have stories to tell, and we want their stories to become part of yours.


Happy Holidays!


PS-We look forward to chatting with you about your holiday orders with us. Please visit our website, give us a call, or stop in the bake shop to chat about your holiday needs!

PPS- Yes, I am the "cherubic" younger sister in that photo. Always trying to be just like my big sister! 

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