First Post

July, 2015

Dear Sugar Fans,


Thanks so much for visiting our new website and checking out my first blog post for RareSweets. If you have made it this far into the website, my guess is that you are interested in learning more about us as a company, and how RareSweets came to be. We have been open at our first brick and mortar bakeshop at CityCenterDC for 6 months now, and what a crazy sugar-induced journey it has been. However, the story of how we got here is about as complicated as what happens to your mouth when you have a taste of our passion-fruit jalapeno sorbet . How much time do you have?


My plan for this blog is to give you insight into how I became interested in baking, or really how you couldn’t keep me away from making chocolate chip cookies and pretending to sell them to invisible customers in my living room. I also plan to talk about my transition in careers, and how I went from a writer, to a pastry cook, to a pastry chef, to a business owner. There’s a lot more to what we do as a company and what I do as a pastry chef than you may realize. Everyone dreams of doing something they are passionate about in life. Some of us take the leap and reap the benefits while also making the necessary sacrifices. I am one of these people, for better or for worse. I follow my heart, and deal with what comes of it. I’ll let you in to the good, the bad, the caramel burns, and the sugar coated visions.


And not to worry, I’ll talk about recipe development, give you helpful hints on baking and talk about new things that we are working on at RareSweets.


I always say that it takes a family to build a bakery. Consider yourselves part of the family. And stay tuned!


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